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Family run stud standing stallions Anglo Arab, Arab and Anglo Welsh stallions at Stud. Situated on the lovely Heritage Coast offering specialist livery services for youngstock, convalescing & retired horses. Quarantine unit for export and Stallion AI Collection centre.
01394450850 / (07771608376)
Willow Stud
Welsh Section A and Cleveland Bay
01227 700264
Stud & AI Stallion Centre. Competition yard, livery & schooling
01249 782050 / (07831 720491)
DEFRA MAFF approved UK quarantine centre, chilled and frozen semen collection services to high quality export standard
0117 949 8118
Old Lodge
Breeders and producers of International Show Jumpers
0 7980 623569
Dressage Training by International trainer. Selection of top class dressage stallions.
01432 850396
The Ninfield Pony Stud home of the sons and grandsons of the legendary Wingrove Minkino.
0 1424 892509
Stallions at stud: Fleetwater Opposition & Utopian Opposition
01794 323305 / (0783 662 3894)
Artificial InseminationTraining in AI
01948 664966
Stallions at stud also semen collection & AI centre. Standing Stallions at stud
01661 886453

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