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Bits & Pieces
01889 271677
We are a company engaged in manufacturing of fine quality equestrian products and offer you our company products at low prices but with fine quality. We have skilled technicians and experts who know the art of manufacturing of all type of equine products.
The Bit Bank
Extensive range of bits from Neue Schule
01642 710627
Young & Co
Special bits made to measure
01902 602338
Western riding equipment, importers, manufacture and repair.
Farrier's Professional Kit & Equestrian Products
9 2524 602998
We are a manufacturer in China Shanghai, brass bits and spurs, stirrups and buckles are our main products
8+65 1257 878892
Saddlery, tack, bits, footwear
01491681951 / (07971167558)
Manufacturers, Bits, Saddlery Wholesalers, Farrier Supplies, Grooming Products, Carriage Lamps & Accessories
9 2524 587798
For a selection of the most complete range of British-made stainless steel bits available

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