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McTimoney-Corley practitioner, holistic whole body technique for treatment of injury's, stiffness and promoting well be
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01434 672219
McTimoney Chiropractor
01926 640380
Equine Spinal Therapist
0 7751 473477
Equine Bowen Therapy, for back & other pain, stiffness, & much more
0 7768 340413
Rehabilition and livery yard. Offers equine mineral spa, vet support, horse walker, 2 furlong canter track, individual
0148 872600 / (0 7779 277647)
McTimoney Animal Practitioner. Effective, natural holistic therapy to relieve muscle spasm, improve nerve function
0 7791 237472
Human and Equine Bowen Therapist, Surrey, Sussex and KentGentle muscle release therapy for riders and horses.
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Harris, Liz
McTimoney therapy, sports massage, stress point therapy and Reiki for all animals. A safe, gentle way to relieve muscle
0 7707 653950
McTimoney Spinal and Musculoskeletal Care for horses, cats and dogs. With use of sports massage in combination with the
07812046974 / (01604811784)

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