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nternationally recognised training establishment offering a practitioner Diploma course in Equine Sports Massage.
0 1626 852485
Hartpury specialises in equine education and offers a wide range of courses including BTEC qualifications, degrees and masters programmes as well as short courses including BHS Stages. Hartpury is also unique in being the only provider of Equine Dental.
01452 702345
BHS approved centre offering full and part time courses
01243 786321
Full range of equestrian courses; first diploma to degree
01604 491131
Offers nvq and BHS stage exams with City College Manchester
01524 733058 / (07930 507296)
0120 9712911
Full & part-time HE and FE courses, short leisure courses, dressage competitions.Can specialise in Alternative Therapy
0 1270 613242 / (0 1270 613216)
Warwickshire college is a centre of vocational excellence offering an excellent range in further and higher education.
0300 45 600 45
Myerscough College is a provider of Further and Higher Education in land-based subject areas
01995 642222
BHS exam centre. Full and part time courses in equine studies , animal care and veterinary nursing
01395 562 400

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