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nternationally recognised training establishment offering a practitioner Diploma course in Equine Sports Massage.
0 1626 852485
Dawson, C L
Teaches people on their own horses at home in an outdoor arena
01608 682309
Bed and breakfast available locally, on-site XC course
01524 274267
01285 640790
Training and consulting in Equine and Canine Iridology. Email us for a free issue of our Equine Iridology Newsletter.
1 8314 229182
Distance Learning and Study Weeks from a Basic Level to Honours Degree
sport specific fitness training for horse and rider
0 1464 861015 / (0 7768 383297)
Offers postgraduate training for Veterinary Physiotherapy. Member of the National Association of Animal Therapists
0 1844 290512
Riding centre, training for horse and rider from novice to advanced levels.
0 1920 821792
Learning the 'secret' language of equine communication.

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