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Bed and breakfast available locally, on-site XC course
01524 274267
Watt Fences
Racecourse suppliers and cross country course builders
0 1748 822666 / (0 7966 529666)
Competition livery and training yard with indoor and outdoor all weather arenas and cross country courses
01234 708400
Pedias ground reinforcement systems, choice of finished surfaces
08700 110437
Stabling and Livery Yard, Cross Country Course
0191 5293559
12km specially prepared grass track with optional jumps from 6" to 3'3 for hacking, fittening and fun.
0 1467 671481 / (0 7999 570635)
2 cross country courses 2'9 & 3'3 approx of 30 fences and shorter course of 2'6 approx available for hire. Under 16yrs 10, 16yrs and over for 12.
01780 460226
Jumpsonline is the fastest growing manufacturer of polypropylene show jumps in the UK and Europe. XC and Show Jumps.
design and construction cross country courses
0 1981 570249

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