Company:Fife Animal Park
Address:Birniefield, Collessie, Cupar, Fife
KY15 7UT
Description: The park has excellent facilities, there is plenty of free parking.All areas can be accessed by wheelchair and the path around the park is of high quality and suitable for everyone. The park has won several awards for diversity in its workforce and takes equality of access very seriously.Toilets are located in both Patsy’z Pantry and in the Animal Anticz play area, they can be used by anyone visiting the park or pet centre. Baby changing facilities are also available at both these locations.Benches are located around the park if you should need a rest, anti-bacterial hand gels are provided at various locations in and around the park for you to use.There is a picnic area close to the car park, we do not allow picnics within the park due to the obvious hygiene problems that this brings and also for the well being of the animals.There is a small play park in from of Patsy’z Pantry and a more substantial one within the park including pedal power go kart’s and a sandpit for children
Categories:Education, Social

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