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Equestrian Clearance sales are based in Keadby, near Scunthorpe. We attend shows and exhibitions throughout the U.K.
Supply, service & repair all makes of clippers & trimmers. Blade & scissor sharpening by return. UK & Overseas welcome
01823 681076
Equine health and show horse products. Also leather care and restoration products.
Show Supplies
All natural Australian grooming products
0161 4561890
A handmade vegan friendly soap company specialising in soap products for equine use to suit the horse and rider to combat flies this summer.
Distributors of quality saddlery. Our main brands are Kildare Equestrian and EuroHunter
00353 45522999
Equine Aromatherapy products. Show preparation products. Products to aid the bodies own natural healing process
0 1554 775959
Importers of the Grooma range plus own Maneline products
01278 671154
My work with plant extracts, herbs and oils has led me to study other forms of natural healing. I am now qualified in herbalism and Zoopharmacognosy this is the process by which animals will select their own medicinal remedies from plants and other sources available to them in their natural state. As a compliment to this I am qualified to Master/Teacher level in Reiki, a system of natural healing and Equine Shiatsu to Practitioner level. I now work with Animal Aromatics using both self-selection (Zoopharmacognosy) where this is practical or by muscle testing (Kinesiology).
Offering a wide range of quality equestrian products by mail order.
0 1728 830880 / (0 7796 172813)

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