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Animal Feed Suppliers and equestrian Clothing, etc
01604 492956 / (0 7774 946628)
Dyfnog Stud
Livery yard and saddlery
Livery yard & stud offering full/partial livery & tuition
0876 800187
full/ part livery on small private yard, specialising in the breaking/ training of arabians. large stables & high level
0 1398 371333
Livery Yard
0 1844 273250
Cotswold livery and competition yard, professional event rider and trainer. All types of livery offered in stunning Cot
+0 (128) 582-1715 / (+0 (776) 616-7335)
Professional advice in quiet high class yard for horses, ponies & owners & riders
01327 361211

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"Since listing with equibusiness I have had several new liveries as a direct result"

Miss Lisa Kelly - Homestead livery