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Pewter equine jewellery and giftwares
Dressage ponies
0 7717 885834 / (0 7766 951607)
Pony Paradise
Horse and pony gifts on-line. Quality, exclusive toys, jewellery and stationary. Fun, quizes and games plus our own web
0 1560 322844
Independant Distributor for Bioflow® and Ecoflow products. Do you know someone or something in pain or need more energ
0 1626 821442
Designer & importer of unusual gifts & art for horselovers
Our collection of equestrian jewellery is one of the largest in the UK. We guarantee personal attention and service
0208 405 3301
Makers of the finest equestrian jewellery and specialist bespoke diamond ring makers
High quality gem set jewellery. Loose gemstones. Valuations to the Trade
+44 (0)1905 776653
Rural Chic
Rural Chic online retail shop for equestrian jewellery, handbags, gifts, accessories

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