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Team Bloss
Lightweight experienced rider, with over 30 yrs experience, jumping a specialty. Pony Racing training and tuition available for both jockeys and ponies.
01473741444 / (07940227327)
Willow Stud
Welsh Section A and Cleveland Bay
01227 700264
01558 650582
The fun place for everthing equestrian, from polocrosse,weddings, BHS training, childrens parties to holidays
Dartmoor Ponies
07818 006081
Highland Ponies of County level
07818 006081
Your online resource for Native Ponies: Native Ponies and Partbreds For Sale and Wanted, The Native Directory, Breed In
0 1386 833604
high quality driving harness, bridles, show halters endurance equipment
01267 253251
Welsh Section D and Welsh Part-bred Stalions
0 1269 851107 / (0 7837 714777)

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