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Permanant and temporary placements throughout the UK
Equi Direct
Equestrian advertising service for quality competition horses to happy hackers, boxes, property, jobs & trade section
0870 753 7843
Full profile matching service for everthing equestrian. Horses, ponies, boxes, trailers, property & equestrian jobs
0 8707 572262
PR, Sales & Marketing Agency. New business advisors
01934 518922 / (07789 485741)
Land Force
The UK's only jobsite dedicated to all types of work in the land-based sectors. Job advertisements,CV Database,E-alerts
0870 770-1107
We have a business opportunity available to motivated and ambitious people who have a passion for horses.
+0 (845) 050-7946
Based in the heart of the ancestral home of thoroughbred training, racing and breeding, Thoroughbred Equine Solutions in Newmarket is a specialist in equine recruitment into the industry from livery yard grooms to racing yard stable staff. Thoroughbred Equine Solutions also provides a bespoke administrative assistance service that helps you spend more time with your horses and less time in the office.

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"Since listing with equibusiness I have had several new liveries as a direct result"

Miss Lisa Kelly - Homestead livery