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Manufacturer of DEFRA approved TranScan temperature data loggers which can be linked to a vehicle & temperature GPS tracking system ensuring and proving horses are transported at the correct temperature.
0191 267 1628
The ultimate theft deterrent-insurance approved vehicle identification system
0870 7940 111
Crime prevention organisation for equines & related matters.
Stolen horse trailer database and ownership registration scheme
01206 337580
Manufacturers of the Langtons saddle and tack safe
01609 772103 / (07970 716393)
Standard or select your own mark. 24 hour back up.
01295 690090
Identichip with Biothermo - the market leading identification microchip.
01904 488661
Equestrian Security Specialist,Intruder Alarms,CCTV,Stable/Tackroom & horse box Security
vehicle security/audio systems!www.max-sound.co.uk
0 7880 684784

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