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Solutions for electric fencing, including innovative gate contact that allows electric fencing to be bridged across.
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Established in 1920, Scotts of Thrapston is the country's leading supplier of timber stables.
High Quality post and rail fencing and Arena's at competitive prices with free quotation.
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Floor mounted hay dispenser
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Horse stables and timber farm buildings are individually designed to match existing surroundings and comply with planning criteria. We specialise in designing for the landscaping and architecture of East Anglia We design and construct horse stables, fencing and field shelters to personal requirements. We provide a bespoke service to ensure the completed building fulfils each clientís individual requirements and will be a worthwhile investment. We do not use subcontractors, our own professional team can carry out all groundwork and construction work, including electrical and plumbing work. We provide a complete service from initial consultation through to the completion of the project. Horse Stable and Equestrian Buildings and other bespoke timber buildings can become part of a full garden design and landscaping project with our collegues at Roger Gladwell Landscaping. Equestrian arenas are built to a high standard and they are fully drained and fenced. We use local crag and equisand. All types of synthetic toppings can be supplied and spread ready for use.
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