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Emral Stud
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Brinkley Stud
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At Beechwood we breed for success - we only breed the best! Steve and Josie Knowles manage Beechwood Grange Stud which is situated in North Yorkshire. Offering good stallions to enhance the breeding programmes of mares from all over the Country, which have producied endless winners over the years. Beechwood Grange offer excellent facilities and grazing, giving young stock an excellent start to their career. An all Inclusive Veterinary Scheme by Equine Reproductive Services, Malton, is in place, for the benefit of owners. Beechwood have a dedicated team of staff who have worked at the stud for over 25 years. Offering a first class service for Boarders, foaling down, maiden or difficult mares, Beechwood can offer individual care and have over 40 years experience in the industry.
Public Stud with boarding facilities for Broodmares
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Stallion Stud standing Thoroughbred and Sport Horses, offering a wid erange of services from boarding to sales preparation, schooling foaling both natural and AI covering, Facilities include indoor and outdoor school, horse walker, own transport, AI labor
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