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Equine Health Supplements,Ayurvedic,Herbal, Natural, Safe
Equine Aromatherapy products. Day to Day products & specialist products
01473 422089
01945 430433
Offering a full comprehensive range of first aid products.
01777 860860
New rug for the prevention of allergic dermatitis (sweet itch) in horses
01260 226454
Manufacturers of animal healthcare products for horses, cattle, sheep, poultry and small pets
Snuggy Hoods
Snuggy hoods are self-fixing & can be worn with or without rugs
Independant Distributor for Bioflow® and Ecoflow products. Do you know someone or something in pain or need more energ
0 1626 821442
Training and treatment in Massage,Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Bach Remedies, Quantum-Touch(R) and more.
01423 888528
Natural products and ingredients. Aloe vera, Neem oil, Manuka honey, clays, oils, herbal extracts.

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