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Our team of experienced veterinary surgeons, headed by Simon Knapp our Clinical Director, devote their time exclusively to equine practice. We offer an ambulatory service backed up by comprehensive surgical facilities at the Straight Mile Farm Clinic. Routine treatments and investigations carried out on your yard with the advantage of a local high class surgical facility with a dedicated team of nurses giving superb in-patient care. We have the advantage of a large car park with easy access and loading ramps for long trailers In our surgical suite we are fully equipped for general and specialised equine procedures. Recognised equine specialist consultants in medicine and surgery attend regularly ensuring an in-depth level of expertise for a wide range of conditions. After surgery patients will usually need a period of rest and care in our in-patient stables where our dedicated 24hour nursing team will provide every attention.
Suffern, H
018206 30385
01329 833112
Chadwick, N
01509 263462
Chapman, J
0178687 284
Cockburn, R
01530 836654
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