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One of the South East's premier equine colleges with excellent on-site facilities.
0 1245 424200
Royal Agricultural College Equestrian Degree courses.
01285 652531
Oaklands Equestrian Centre - Be challenged in a structured learning environment.
work based vocational support and training for equine and animal care qualifications
0 1672 519977
Barony College offers excellent facilities, BHS exams and full and part time courses in equine and land-based subjects
0 1387 860251
Pershore College is part of Warwickshire College and offers a wide range of full or part-time courses.
01386 552 443
A range of equine courses from first diploma to honours degree.
02866 344853
The first MSc Equine Science programme to be mounted within a vet school. Aimed to produce 'elite' equine graduates
+44(0)131 651 7305
Horse racing college, offering free, residential courses and employment in the industry
01302 861000
Further Education College providing Equine and Animal care courses
01553 761 144

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