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McTimoney-Corley practitioner, holistic whole body technique for treatment of injury's, stiffness and promoting well be
0 1844 292168 / (0 7828 830421)
This service is deep tissue massage for your equine athelete
763 476 1386
First class transport for all horses to all parts Europe, UK & Ireland. Highly Recommened.
02897532624 / (07718520785)
We are Ireland's leader for warmblood breeding
00353 87 827 4831
Arab Breeder
01675 462257
A competition stud standing four stallions. Three descended from Ben Faerie.
01398 371222
Dressage Training by International trainer. Selection of top class dressage stallions.
01432 850396
Equine Dentistry, Sporthorse Sales & Training, Saddlery
0 1189 841940
Self drive horsebox hire available in Staffordshire. Luxurious and comfortable transportation for both horse and rider.
0 1283 712733
Kingswood EC offers the complete service from riding lessons and breeding to shows and events
01902 374480/374954

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