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Old Lodge
Breeders and producers of International Show Jumpers
0 7980 623569
A. Pro-Jumps
Manufacturers of the new Pro-Jump range of plastic jump system
0 1455 212100
Sitauted Littleton, Reigate, Surrey. Exclusive competition/livery yard has limited spaces available for Full, Schooling
0 7708 814200
5* Livery in stunning surroundings
0 1743 874966 / (0 7870 393254)
Martin, E
Berkshire Livery Yard with excellent facilities offers full/part livery
0 1488 682117
Leading manufacturer of equine protective boots, gloves, reins.
+0 (123) 961-4648
South West Eventing based at Stockland Lovell Equestrian Centre near Bridgwater Somerset offers full, part, sale and tr
0 7803 296426
Full, part and assisted DIY livery, BHS approved livery and facility centre, unaffiliated show centre, clinics and tuit
01603721794 / (07810387840)
Small and friendly adult livery yard. Good hacking and outdoor school. DIY Livery
01562 700003 / (+0 (797) 617-8039)
manufacturers of traditional timber and quality polymer showjumps

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