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Western Tack and Western Shows
01909 724014
MR Harness
Made to measure webbing bridles, harness - any unusual items
01299 896827
Equine Communication Behaviourist & Trainer
0 1332 280563 / (0 7929 917418)
Natural horsemanship training & marketing of equestrian products
07739 104287
Trainers of World and National Champions - all Western/English discipines.
Western trail rides, lessons,tack and horses for sale
0707 930 8941
Formed to promote Western Riding to a high standard.
0 1926 633223
Retailers of top quality western saddles,tack and clothing. Professional saddle fitting services provided for the UK
01264 369811
Western riding equipment, importers, manufacture and repair.
Western tack and accessories from the USA and Western and equestrian gifts.
0 1296 662009 / (0771 040406)

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